A Checklist for Your Apartment Hunt

When it comes time to find a new place to live, the apartment hunt can feel overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re moving to a new complex, neighborhood or city. However, with a simple checklist of things to look for in your new abode then the process becomes less of a hassle and more exciting. Here, we’ll take a look at the top 5 things to add to your apartment hunt checklist.

  1. Are there any fees or additional costs?
    You may have already thought to ask about the monthly rent, but when speaking with the property manager, be sure to get specific costs associated with utilities like heat, water and electricity. Check with the landlord or the previous tenants on how much on average they paid each month for these utilities. Further, be sure to ask the landlord whether there are any added fees for owning pets, a parking space or extra storage on-site.Be sure to check out included Lofts at Saratoga amenities here.
  2. What kind of shape is the apartment in, i.e. updates and features?
    You can get a general sense of the upkeep of the apartment by visiting the space in person, but ask the property manager questions about the last time the walls were painted or the carpet replaced. Further, ask about the features of the apartment that you can’t see. For example, ask when the last time the air filter was replaced and whether the appliances are energy efficient. The Lofts were built recently and feature modern appliances that add to the aesthetic to the space, but also ensure health and efficiency for residents. If you’re looking for an apartment that you can’t visit before moving, be sure to ask these specific questions over the phone and request a video call to take a virtual tour of the space you’re planning to rent. We offer virtual tours right on our website for out of towners looking to move to Saratoga County.
  3. What is the community and/or neighborhood culture?
    When you visit the apartment in person, take a look at where you’re driving or walking to understand the general vibe of the neighborhood.  At The Lofts At Saratoga, our residents include all ages and backgrounds, who enjoy their privacy, while also taking advantage of the Clubhouse and community events, like happy hours. The neighborhood will also have an impact on your daily activities, like your commute and errands. While The Lofts are in a quaint suburban area, it is only a short drive to the grocery store, shopping mall and restaurants for evenings out. Also, the community is easily accessible for residents commuting to GlobalFoundries, Saratoga Hospital or other Saratoga County businesses.
  4. What is the process to contact the landlord or maintenance team?
    You may know how to fix a leaky sink or a clogged drain on your own, but if not, be sure to understand the process for submitting a maintenance request and ask the hours of when a team member is on call. For example, at The Lofts, our maintenance team is available 24-hours a day. You should also ask how long on average it takes to have requests completed. This is also an appropriate time to ask about upkeep of the homes. The Lofts are new and are equipped with modern features, but should any updates need to be made, we will work with residents to ensure it is convenient for them. Also, be sure to ask about maintenance outside of the townhouse or apartment. Our maintenance team provides snow removal services so that residents don’t have to worry about digging themselves out during the harsh Northeast winters.
  5. How long do residents live in the apartments?
    With an understanding of how long, on average, residents live in the apartment community, you can get a sense for the satisfaction level of your neighbors. This will also help you plan your move. If you’re looking for a long-time home, you will be better able to indicate whether the community is the right place for you. At The Lofts, our residents stay for a number of years because of the convenience and amenities available.

With some research, some friendly support and this checklist, you should be all set to start your apartment hunt. While price and size will play a key role in the apartment that you choose, make sure that it’s a space that you’re comfortable going to each night, because there’s no place like home.